Kialoa Insanity Travel Paddle

Kialoa’s Insanity travel paddle is an excellent paddle if you have a group of people that share a SUP....

Grass Sticks Debuts All Bamboo SUP Paddle

The following is a press release from Grass Sticks. If it works so great for ski poles, why not SUP...

Video: Your Next SUP Paddle From Aqua-Bound

Aqua-Bound's Andrew Stern discusses their high end composite SUP paddles Video: Adventure Kayak Looking for your next high-end SUP paddle? We...

OR Day 1: Aqua-Bound’s Gorgeous New Malta SUP Paddles

Aqua-Bound's new Malta standup board paddles feature gorgeous designs and are wonderfully lightweight. The carbon option features a compression-molded...

Best SUP Paddle: How To Choose

Think all SUP paddles are created equal? Not quite. Making your way through the jungle of available paddles requires...

VIDEO: Kialoa Breakdown SUP Paddles

Rapid Media's Scott MacGregor checks out Kialoa Paddles' new Breakdown standup paddle boarding paddles at the Outdoor Retailer show. Rapid...

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