10 Worst Reviews Of The Best Paddling Destinations

One-star trip reviews of your paddling dream destinations.

The Radical Rise Of The Septuagenarian Adventurer

The radical rise of the septuagenarian adventurer.

Confusion of Tongues

In the summer of '67, there were canoes going this way and that way in this nation of rivers...

The Story Behind Brent Bateman’s Asian Canoe Building Business

No loon call from the middle of Khao Laem Lake as Brent Bateman slips his canoe into the water...

Paradise Lost

Walking on the bottom of Buttle Lake on Vancouver Island feels like walking through a graveyard. Instead of crosses...

Don’t Feed The Shark

Imagine a gaping maw almost five feet wide and filled with 300 rows of tiny teeth. Now picture it...
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