Aniol Serrasolses Runs 65-Foot Waterfall Off A Glacier (Video)

The Red Bull athlete travels to the Arctic in search of ice-sculpted whitewater

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Aniol Serrasolses and a crew traveled deep within the Arctic Circle for his latest mind-boggling feat. Serrasolses paddled a sliding whitewater stream from a glacier’s melt, terminating at a 65-foot waterfall, which the kayaker plunged into the Arctic Ocean.

“It’s hard to find the words to explain this feeling,” said Serrasolses following his successful run of the glacier’s waterfall. “It’s like kayaking on another planet. Without a doubt, it’s the most unique kayak[ing] I’ve ever done in my life.”

Aniol Serrasolses paddles the river on the Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard.
Aniol Serrasolses paddles the river on the Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard on August 6, 2023. Image: David Sodomka / Red Bull Content Pool

How Aniol Serrasolses Ran A 65-Foot Waterfall Off A Glacier

The glacier stream Serrasolses descended is located on the Austfonna ice cap within the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. The northern end of Svalbard is just 650 miles from the North Pole. The archipelago is home to a long list of ice caps and glaciers. Yet, as NASA reports, these glaciers have been melting at exceptional rates in recent years—leading to the healthy flow that allowed Serrasolses to seek out a clean 65-footer.

Serrasolses traveled to the Svalbard ice cap with a team of safety and media that included David Sodomka, Aleix Salvat, and Mikel Sarasola. The team trekked seven miles across the Arctic landscape just to reach the upper access point for the glacier run. They climbed ice walls, crossed streams and crevasses, and, most notably, handled an unpredictable whitewater river sculpted by ice.

“We were in a constantly changing environment, a totally unpredictable place. We knew how risky it was, but when you look around you, it all made sense,” Serrasolses shares of the risks and rewards of the feat.

An upcoming documentary titled Ice Waterfalls, chronicling Serrasolses’ Arctic endeavor to paddle off glaciers, is set to air on Red Bull TV in the coming weeks.


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