Aniol Serrasolses Catches Massive Air Off Drainage Ditch (Video)

When the expedition paddler finds the gem of all kayak ramps he has little choice but to go big

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Aniol Serrasolses is known to catch some air. The 31-year-old expedition kayaker drops some of the most impressive waterfalls worldwide. His style took a different look this spring in the Spanish Pyrenees, going from free falling to launching. Serrasolses and a group of paddlers found the gem of all kayak ramps. A drainage ditch ending with a kicker to provide massive air.

An expression session ensued. Serrasolses’ first run of the drainage ditch showed the potential for how much air the concrete ramp could provide. All went well, and on the second video take, Serrasolses rotates into a monstrous kickflip.

The clip made for the perfect GoPro video above. But Serrasolses and crew were in the Pyrenees for more than the drainage ditch stunt. A complete edit of the Pyrenees trip and another video angle of Serrasolses’ huge kickflip can be found in the video below.


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