Inflatable Kayak Catches Big Air Off Snow Jump(Video)

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A group of stunt performers known as the Sickos decided landing a jump on skis and snowboards was just too easy. Instead, they set out to build the biggest snow jump they could fathom possible for a sled to stick. Only, their sled of choice was no toboggan but rather an inflatable kayak.

On the slopes of Mount Hood, the Sickos spend a day building up their dream sled jump. As they construct the jump, they take their Star inflatable kayak further and further up the slope to get the ramp dialed.

Fortunately, as they figure out how to launch the self-bailing hull into the troposphere, they have some soft snow to keep them intact.

Their snowy kayak stunt culminates with a run from the top of the slope. They are destined to catch some of the biggest air we’ve seen from an inflatable. But more importantly, will they stick the landing? Watch and see.


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