Astral Unveils High-Float Indus Line Of PFDs (Video)

A decade of development poured into a design to meet the demands of high-volume rivers

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How does Astral evolve on the success of the long-running GreenJacket? By pouring over a decade of development into a freestyle-inspired high-float PFD built for the rigors of big volume rivers. Meet the all-new Indus line of life jackets.

“People are running rivers at higher flows than ever before. As a brand that makes gear to promote calm confidence in extreme places, it’s obvious that more buoyancy was needed in case of a swim. The obstacle has been how to do it in a manner that doesn’t interfere with your body’s natural biomechanics,” explains Philip Curry, founder and CEO of Astral, on the launch of the new Indus.

“The answer is our signature Foam Tectonics architecture that allows the various foam panels to work independently of each other.”

Astral Indus PFD
Astral Indus PFD. Image: Astral

The Indus features 22 pounds of buoyancy built into a design  prioritizing full mobility and performance. This is a 33 percent increase from the GreenJacket. The reason? Float higher and increase the chance of survival on a high volume river. It’s a PFD geared toward whitewater athletes, guides and swiftwater professionals. In short, river users who place a high value on a crafted blend of buoyancy and the mobility of a low-profile life jacket.

The Indus also features many of the elements Astral is known to include for serious river running, such as reinforced shoulder straps and a quick-release belt. GreenJacket fans will notice the Indus does not have a clamshell pocket. This was a move to slim down the profile of the jacket.

We had a chance to get a sneak peek at the Astral Indus PFD at Canoecopia 2024. You can also learn more about the Indus by visiting Astral.

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