Build Your Own Bushcraft Kayak For $1 (Video)

How to build a fully functional kayak with only a knife, fir tree branches, plastic wrap and scotch tape.

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In this video, YouTuber Advoko Makes shows how to build a quick and easy bushcraft kayak. The idea is simple: you can build a fully functional survival kayak in the wilderness if you have a knife, fir tree branches, plastic wrap and scotch tape.

Even though we don’t typically carry yards of plastic wrap or scotch tape in our survival kit, this fully functional kayak is pretty cool. It weighs less than 10 pounds, is waterproof, and only takes a day to make. Because the vessel is transparent, you can see the bottom and fish swimming under you—fishing, in particular, is an exceptional experience, according to Advoko Makes.

Sure, we’re a little skeptical about its long-term durability—but for just a couple of dollars and a single day of work, what do you expect?

If building your own kayak thrills you, find out how to build your own transparent, fiberglass light-up kayak here.

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