Earlier this month, two seasoned pros—Dane Jackson and Hayden Voorhees—snagged a first descent off the right line of Rainbow Falls on the Wailuku River, Hawaii.

Internationally known for many a great feat in the whitewater world, Dane’s latest first D is just another notch on the belt of his waterfall accomplishments. After watching him secure the first descent of the second-highest waterfall ever run last year, 80 feet seems like it should have been a walk in the park.

Yet, this particular accomplishment wasn’t without its fair share of controversy. According to Hawaii News Now, the pair did not receive a permit to fly a drone in the area. Officials from Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources and State Film Commission commented that a filming permit would likely not have been granted for this project.

What’s more, for the locals of the Hilo area, Rainbow Falls is associated with a series of fatalities caused by inexperienced swimmers recreating in the dangerous pools below the waterfall.

For Dane and Hayden, safety is always a huge factor when it comes to making decisions on whether or not to run something. The duo visited the falls at low water and swam in the pools, to ensure the landing was deep enough and hazards could be mitigated. When the time came to run the drop, river levels were just right and safety teams were in place, enabling them a smooth passage down the falls. Watch the video of Hayden’s line off the waterfall here.


  1. This is a beautiful area on indigenous land. Let’s at least acknowledge this fact and provide it’s indigenous name of Rainbow (Waiānuenue) Falls. I’m sorry to learn they did not acquire the correct permits for using a drone in the area.

  2. You guys just encourage this craziness. Local folks and the state didn’t want this happening but, you know he’s not just anybody, cause, you know, he’s so special and takes all the precautions., so it makes it OK break laws and wishes of local people. And if its ok for him to do this why not any body who thinks they can? You know there are people who thin they are “special ” as well and dont need to be concerned about the rules. Screw ’em is the message this conveys. You really should know better than to encourage this stuff .Half the time this is done for money ,or hopes for sponsorship ,or redbull crazinees. Take me off your mailing lists


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