Dane Jackson Surfs Behind Two 90-Foot Yachts (Video)

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In 2018, Dane Jackson put out a video of him surfing behind a two wake boats. That worked pretty well, and when things work pretty well you know it’s time to ramp things up. A lot. This time, Dane enlisted the help of two 90-foot-long yachts. Unsurprisingly, these boats have quite the wake on them that, when combined, form a wave that’s perfect for someone like Dane to surf.

The video takes place at South Beach in Miami. They do a trial run the day before to test out how close together the yachts need to be, and how fast they need to go to create the ideal wave. It seems like it’s going to work and they can tell that, as Dane puts it, “it’s going to be hella fun.”

The next day they head out for real. Dane gets in his kayak and is towed on the back of a jet ski, driven by pro wakeboarder Bob Soven, into position between the yachts. On deck, Parks Bonifay, another pro wakeboarder, is watching to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Dane slides his kayak off the back of the jet ski and is quickly picked up by the wake, successfully surfing behind the yachts. Then, of course, he pulls off a series of impressive freestyle tricks.

From there it’s all fun as you get to watch a few rounds of Dane playing behind the massive boats and in the towering wake. All in all, this setup worked out pretty well… you know what that means. Any ideas for how Dane can take this even bigger next time?

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