Polar Bear Attempts To Eat Frank Wolf’s Canoe (Video)

"Hey hey hey, don't chew on the canoe!"

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When we envision the worst thing that can happen on a trip, having our canoe eaten by a bear isn’t a scenario that typically springs to mind. For expedition canoeist Frank Wolf, however, this hypothetical situation became a little too real.

Wolf was on the final stretch of a 1060 km trip from Sandy Bay to Hudson Bay when three polar bears surrounded his basecamp; a remote cabin at the mouth of the Seal River in Manitoba. In the hilarious video, we witness Wolf yelling at one particular bear who is insistent on chewing up his canoe, while the other two circle the cabin perimeters–presumably in search of food.

A canoe with holes in it could be detrimental to the completion of the trip, as well as the safety of both the paddlers. Quite understandably, Wolf is determined to not let the bears get away with it. Watch how he deals with the situation in the video above.

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