Discover some of the year’s best inflatable paddleboards from Airboard, Hala Gear, SIC Maui, Sea Eagle, Bishop Boards, and SOL Paddle Boards. Just show up to the launch, unroll, pump and paddle away. Inflatable boards combine portability with versatility. Find the perfect board for your next adventure, whether you’re paddling near or far.

The best inflatable standup paddleboards

Airboard Ultralight Edition by Airboard 

Price: $990

Airboard sets the new standard in terms of weight and pack size. Designed to fold down to the size of a day pack. With a weight of 13 pounds, it challenges the industry. The SUP backpack serves as a volume pump as well as a drybag. Truly innovative and functional design, easy to store and extremely portable, allowing the freedom to paddle anywhere. Three sizes. Includes PumpBag, Nanopump, leash and fin.

Rado by Hala Gear

Price: $1,349

Good luck finding a place where you can’t paddle this board. The Hala Rado’s large weight capacity is perfect for overnight camping, extended expeditions and paddling around the lake with extra passengers along for the ride. Featuring Hala’s Stompbox, a retractable fin system allowing for smooth sailing on the river, you can load it up and paddle it down the Hala Rado. (Get it? Say it fast!)

SOLatomic from SOL Paddle Boards

Price: $1,149

Nothing crushes the whitewater like the SOLatomic. At eight inches thick and with a full rocker from tip to tail, the SOLatomic charges through the whitewater and has unprecedented stability. The SOLatomic is a great addition to the already stacked SOL paddleboard fleet.

Newt from Bishop Boards

Price: $1,099

Looking for a great kids’ or smaller person’s inflatable board? Check out the Newt. It’s the right fit for smaller frames. It’s super light, thin and has a sweet shape, like Bishop Boards’ most popular all-around boards. Also perfect for park and play whitewater spots and waves, and a jaunt to the surf. In these venues, larger paddlers with experience will enjoy it too. Dimensions: 8′ x 28″.

FishSUP 126 from Sea Eagle

Price: $799-$1,599

Stable, tough and versatile. The inflatable FS126 takes your fishing to a whole new level. At 12.5 feet long and 40 inches wide, this board is not just stable, it gives you plenty of room for all your gear. Paddle or motor, fish sitting or standing. Has a fish ruler, removable motor mount, d-rings and more. Packs down small to fit in any car trunk, inflates in seven minutes and can hold up to two people, or 500 pounds.

Okeanos AIR-GLIDE Inflatable from SIC Maui

Price: $879.95

Okeanos is named after the ancient Greek god of the sea and was further inspired by the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This new series is focused on fitness, touring and voyaging the unknown. Available in both rigid and Air-Glide Premium Inflatable Technology. Three inflatable sizes: 11’, 12’6 and 14’. Starting at $849.95.

Carbon Hoss from Hala Gear

Price: $1,399

Want to strike a balance between stability and speed? Look no further than the Carbon Hoss. Hala has carefully tailored this board to feel stable for a wide range of paddlers, while inflatable carbon technology provides unequaled speed and glide performance in the all-around category. There isn’t another board quite like this out there. Hop on the Hoss and let the adventure begin.


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