First Look: Old Town Castine Touring Kayak

Old Town is getting back in the touring kayak world with a great new boat, the Castine. The Castine is a 14-foot light touring kayak with tie-downs all the way up the bow. It also has a huge dry storage area in the bow with a unique Necky wiping seal hatch cover that stays as dry as anything in the market. 

One of the coolest features is a toggle handle on the bow of the kayak that stays out of the way unless you need it, but when you do need it there is enough cord that your hands stay clear of the tip of the boat. 

Another unique feature is a very large cockpit so you won’t have any trouble getting in and out of the boat. The thigh braces are adjustable so you can find that perfect fit. 

Inside the boat, there is a day hatch that is accessible, between your legs, while you are paddling. It stays inside the cockpit while you are paddling, but slides toward you for easy accessibility. Just bump it easily on the bottom and it slides automatically in the boat.

For more info check out the video walkthrough below:


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