Betcha Didn’t Know About Blisters

  • A blister is a small pocket of fluid in the upper layers of skin. There are many different types of blisters, including friction blisters, blood blisters, burn blisters, chemical blisters, as well as blisters caused by viruses and allergic reactions.
  • The Yukon River Quest, the longest annual canoe and kayak race in the world, offers a $100 cash prize to the participant with the worst blister. The most memorable award-winner sported a painful sore that ran the length of his butt crack.
  • New kicks? Avoid blisters by wearing your new shoes on a handful of mini-hikes before embarking on an all-day odyssey. Do your best to keep your feet cool, dry and friction-free.
  • Blister beetles are named because they secrete the blistering agent cantharidin when threatened. These secretions are sometimes still used medically to remove warts, and at one time were considered an aphrodisiac when applied in small doses.
  • According to Burn Centre Care in the United Kingdom, a burn can becaused by temperatures as low as 109.4°F if exposure is prolonged. Temperatures over 176°F can burn skin in less than a second.

  • After recording “Helter Skelter” 18 times in a row in studio, Beatles band member Ringo Starr flung his drumsticks across the room while yelling, “I got blisters on my fingers!” This outburst is included in the album version at 4:25.

  • The 1983 song “Blister In The Sun” by alternative rock band Violent Femmes was released in 2000 for the film Grosse Point Blank. In the video, lead singer Gordon Gano is an assassin trying to kill Sock, the cat puppet. Betcha didn’t know that.  

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