BIC SUPS Acquires Sandwich Island Composites

BIC SUPs announed that they have acquired SIC (Sandwich Island Composites) at Outdoor Retailer 2017. BIC will be keeping the SIC brand completely in tact. BIC beilieves that SIC has done a great job creating really unique and innovative products.

One of those products it the RS 12.6 and 14. The RS stands for “rocket ship,” and it is an all water race SUP.  It is an extremely fast board and also comes in wider models for better stability. 

Another new product is the Bayonett. The Bayonett is an extension of SIC’s Bullet series. The Bullet series is the most iconic of SIC’s products and is a great all-water touring board. The Bayonett is refined for down-winding and also comes in various widths for all levels of paddlers.

For more information, check out the video below:


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