The Dagger Juice kayak combines downriver performance, volume and speed with a playful hull and a comfy cockpit. The Juice hull is predictable and loose—the one boat that does it all.

Dagger Juice Specs
(6.9 / 7.1)
Length: 6’11” / 7’1”
Width: 25” / 26”
Cockpit: 34” × 19” / 34” × 19”
Volume: 60 / 65 U.S. gal
Weight: 33 / 35 lbs
Weight Range: 110-180 / 170-240 lbs
MSRP: $1,150 USD or $1,599 CAD

With this boat, Dagger really has the Juice

Dagger’s Performance Fit System cradles you in spacious comfort. Day one setting the hip pads may have you dreaming of foam and glue but pumping them up for a perfect fit is pretty cool. Dagger answered complaints about too many outfitting tools by providing one tool with different bits—clever but cheeky. Overall, the Juice has vitamin C added, and C is for comfort.

The Juice has a twin sibling

The category is whitewater kayaks. The answer is ID and Juice. Jeopardy fans have buzzed in with the question, “Alex, what did Dagger produce from the same mould?” And why not? The Dagger ID is a slicey, loose and forgiving boat with decent river play and running speed.

Re-decked and re-branded, the Juice is a river/play boat fitting in somewhere between the Dagger GT and, well, the ID. The Juice is not likely to paddle anything more technically challenging than a freestyle boat but has the speed, comfort and volume river runners love.

man paddles through whitewater rapids in a Dagger Juice kayak
Feature Photo: Rapid Staff

Get in play with the Dagger Juice kayak

The Dagger Juice is a combination of old and new: It cartwheels like the longer freestyle boats—slower and balanced but not super slicey—it frontsurfs edge-to-edge smoother than super-flat freestyle boats; spins not as greasy as the fattest planing hulls but the longer length lets you use the water rather than forcing it to break loose. Best of all, its river speed and rockered bow make it easy to get on the wave.


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