Founded on Vancouver’s Granville Island in the late 70s, Feathercraft builds foldables with many features of narrow-beamed composite kayaks. The Kurrent is the company’s newest and lightest folding single. With its fine, upswept bow and low cockpit and decks, it has a lively performance fit and feel.

The Kurrent’s aluminum/magnesium alloy frame assembles inside the skin, cleverly using two pieces of the deck frame as levers to tension the hull. Four plastic, donut-shaped crossribs add rigidity and allow a limited amount of gear to be fed into the bow and stern for storage. Disassembled, it fits in an oversized backpack for easy carrying.

Feathercraft Kurrent Specs
Length: 13’
Width: 25”
Material: Urethane skin/aluminum alloy frame
Weight: 31 pounds
Price: $2,720 US / $2,970 CAD

Feathercraft uses a durable welded urethane for the deck and hull.

The absence of stitched seams or zippers means the skin is completely waterproof and sleek enough to pass for a hard-shell from a distance.

Strips over the keel and chines reinforce the hull along these higher wear areas.

The lightweight Kurrent accelerates swiftly and cruises about average for a 13-footer. Its shallow V hull offers an ideal blend of initial and secondary stability.

Engaging the hard chines yields snappy turns on an outside edge. Held level it tracks well, without the optional rudder or strap-on skeg.

Feathercraft’s cockpit outfitting provides one of the most comfortable and dialed rides going. The floating foot bar feels secure and is easily adjusted. Suspended hammock-like from the frame, the seat has inflatable bottom and lumbar pads, and the backrest is supportive without hindering layback maneuvers.

Woman wearing black and red duffel bag
Photo: Virginia Marshall

Rolling and edging the Kurrent is a breeze thanks to the cockpit bracing bars—removable, curved poles that provide snug knee and thigh support within the otherwise roomy cockpit.

Standard with every Feathercraft is a nylon spray deck and sea sock, which limits flooding to the cockpit area if you do take a swim. Feathercraft’s reputation for quality and durability is evident in their boats. The Kurrent is a lightweight, user-friendly kayak that rewards peripatetic paddlers of all stripes.

Ideal for: Day and overnight trips on all waters; hike- or fly-in destinations; smaller paddlers.

Assembly Time: 20–30 minutes

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