Launching your kayak from a rough shore and in rough weather conditions can be dangerous. But with a little practice, you can feel safe launching anytime, anywhere.

First, put your boat completely in the water. Then position your boat away from the rocky shore and pointed into the wind.

Next, sit on the back deck of the boat, so you can slide down and be fully seated inside the boat.

Once seated, bring your legs inside the boat. Then paddle the boat to an area that you can safely attach your spray skirt.

For more in depth instructions, watch the video below:


  1. Fine advise if your legs are sufficiently short and your knees are sufficiently flexible to first sit in the kayak and then bring your legs in. Otherwise, like me, with a 35″ inseam and an artificial knee with somewhat limited range of motion, sitting before bringing in my knees will not work. So, I sit behind the cockpit, then insert my legs and slide forward until seated. Although less stable than first sitting, I need to use this sliding in method even with large size cockpits. If possible, getting into my kayak on land and sliding into the water is usually preferable.


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