Q&A with Justine Curgenven

If you’re fond of kayaking, you’ve probably seen at least one of Justine Curgenven’s award-winning This is the Sea films. Maybe, like me, you’ve happily watched one of her five TITS DVDs from start to finish without so much as a popcorn or pee break (an impressive feat given TITS 5, released this year, is up to a whopping three hours). For many, the Welsh filmmaker’s videos aren’t just entertainment—they’re the inspiration to plan a long expedition, learn to surf, teach a friend to paddle, or make kayaking a part of day-to-day life.

Adventure Kayak caught up with Curgenven to reflect on 10 years of TITS, and look at how the sea kayak film has evolved over the past decade. To read the full interview, as featured in the premiere issue of our new monthly magazine, Paddling This Month, click here.


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