Take the air ability of Liquidlogic’s Space Series and add a little extra speed and paddleability to the mix. What do you end up with? Meet the new Liquidlogic Big Wheel and Scooter kayaks.

Liquidlogic Scooter / Big Wheel Specs
Length: 5’11” / 6’1”
Width: 24.5” / 25.5”
Cockpit: 18.75” × 33.25” / 18.75” × 33.25”
Volume: 50 / 57 U.S. gal
Weight: 29 / 31 lbs
MSRP: $1,049 USD or $1,400 CAD

Liquidlogic’s Big Wheel and Scooter get big air

A narrow waterline bow to stern gives powerful edge-to-edge transitions for huge air off waves, and a more streamlined volume distribution makes cartwheels and large loops easy.

Try this innovative idea on for size

Stuffed down at your feet is a bean-filled drybag that you mash until you have the proper fit. Most testers under 5’8” agreed this is an innovative idea; the rest had to watch the action from shore. The seat, thigh braces and backband combo is “sweet.” Elaborated, “sweet” means functional and light, and, off the rack, shaped to fit most Goldilockses.

To achieve greater speed in the Big Wheel and Scooter, Liquidlogic elongated the planing surface toward the stern. Pro boater Patrick Camblin explains: “This boat needs to be bounced differently to realize its potential. Having a lower-rocker stern means that, while faster, when butt bounced and the bow goes in the air, the stern begins to drag in the green water, not allowing it to release.”

Man whitewater kayaking in a Liquidlogic Big Wheel kayak
Feature Photo: Rapid Staff

To Helix or not to Helix

The Big Wheel is all about edge-to-edge transition for aerial moves. Get backwards however and the bow rocker releases unmatched aerial backstabs. The narrow waterline, crisp edges and negligible stern allow for quick, clean Helix rotations and landings.

Can’t Helix yet? The Big Wheel is fun carving steep, fast waves but loses some luster when the bitty stern squats into a small foam pile—sort of blasting the wave face. In little pourovers and meaty holes the new slicier ends snap through at lightning speed.

Pros and cons of the Liquidlogic Big Wheel and Scooter

Pro: Light. Faster than last year’s Liquidlogic boat. Snappy edge-to-edge. Huge aerial backstabs.

Con: Sticky spinning on small features. Quirky sizing.

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