There are a dizzying array of stoves and pot-sets on the market. Integrated systems, solo, two-person, three-person, minimalist stoves, gas, liquid—you get the idea. We rounded up a few lightweight gas options that will certainly fit your go-fast adventurous culinary needs. Whether you are soloing the new Nova Craft Fox (see page 85) or counting ounces for a bike-in paddle-out packraft (see page 59) first descent one of these kitchen combos will wet your appetite and warm your belly.

red solo stove
MSR PocketRocket 2. |Photo: Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

1. MSR PocketRocket 2 And Ceramic 2 Pot Set

$50 / $95 | WWW.MSRGEAR.COM

I have owned the original MSR PocketRocket for over four years. Not a company to rest on its laurels, MSR decided to tweak the popular design to make the new PocketRocket 2 lighter, smaller and equally as powerful. It does everything just like the original.

It’s certainly not enough to convince me to replace my trusty minimalist gas top—but if you are new to the market, it’s a great choice. MSR gave the PocketRocket 2 precision flame control, shaved off .4 ounces of weight and changed the cradle design for more compact storage.

For a solo tripper with a voracious appetite or for going tandem, MSR has introduced to their kitchen pot set line the Ceramic 2 Pot Set. At a compact 460 grams, the ceramic non-stick lining on both pots reduces the need for cooking oil. The nesting pot design will accommodate the PocketRocket 2 and a MSR gas canister up to 230 grams.

The pot handle can be switched from one pot to the other by way of a push-release button. This handle folds over top of the lid, which doubles as a serving plate and strainer and fits both pots. The hardened aluminum is durable and ready for the abuse your adventures will undoubtedly bring.

white and red solo stove
Primus PrimeTech Stove. |Photo: Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

2. Primus PrimeTech Stove Set 1.3L


I’ve wanted to visit Estonia for over a decade. When I found out that Primus originated and continues to manufacture there, well let’s just say travel plans are heating up quickly. The new PrimeTech Stove Set has more harder, more industrial lines than other pot sets I am accustomed to. But in the unpacking of this 1.3-liter, 342-gram double pot kitchen, the stove really surprised me.

And the surprise was a good one. We all know the precarious instability that comes with liquid-stove legs or trying to balance pots on stoves on gas canisters on rock beaches or upturned canoe hulls? The Primus PrimeTech stove uses a gas line to connect outside of the shell to a gas canister size of your choosing. This leaves you with a very stable stove base of 18 centimeters across.

Small folding braces inside allow for perfect integration of the Primus anodized aluminum pots or accommodate frying pans and pot sets of other brands. The PrimeTech pots are non-stick and features heat-dispersal rings for a faster boil and even heat.

This will reduce cook time and the dreaded carcinogen ring to scrap off. Both pots have strainer lids that fit with the included pot gripper that is easily attached and removed.

green solo stove
Optimus Crux Lite. |Photo: Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

3. Optimus Crux Lite And Terra Weekend HE Cookset 0.95L


The Crux Lite gas stove is the younger, lighter brother of the original Crux. Optimus eliminated 11 grams with the Crux Lite, pairing it down to only 72 grams. This 3000-watt gas burner advertises a 90-minute burn time for each Optimus 220-gram gas canister.

When you need Uncle Ben’s right now, dependent on the season and altitude, the Crux Lite averages three-minutes per one-liter of boiling water. We paired the Crux Lite with the Optimus Terra Weekend HE. This .95 liter pot set is a generous solo or fast-and-light double kitchen option.

The lid doubles as a high-walled frying pan—made from the same hardened aluminum as the pot. Both feature folding handles for easy and compact storage. The heat exchanger in the base of the pot fits around the stove channelling the heat for efficient and even distribution. We love the way these heat exchanger pots fit around the stove rather than just resting precariously on top.

The internal dimensions allow for storage of a standardsized canister and the Crux Lite compact stove. The Terra Weekend HE comes in a mesh bag to protect it inside a canoe pack or dry bag.

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