Best Canoe Paddles for 2020

Get on the water with seven of the best canoe paddles from Bending Branches, Grey Owl Paddles and Sawyer Paddles.

Discover seven of the year’s best canoe paddles that are set to hit the market in 2020.

New options from Bending Branches, Grey Owl Paddles and Sawyer Paddles.

Everything from bent shafts, to voyageur paddles, to guide paddles and more, there are lots of options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a canoe paddle for cruising, tripping or whitewater adventures, Paddling Magazine has rounded up seven of the best picks.

Take a look at the list of canoe paddles below.

The Best Canoe Paddles for 2020

Catalyst Straight/Bent from Bending Branches

Price: $139.95

Meet the new Catalyst canoe paddle from Bending Branches, made entirely of recycled wood scraps that would otherwise be discarded.

A catalyst of change for the betterment of the planet and paddlers.

Made with the most desired features, including full Rockgard coverage, two-ounce fiberglass coating and a palm grip.

Five dollars from every paddle sold will be donated to American Rivers.

Voyageur from Grey Owl Paddles

Price: $76

Grey Owl’s most popular laminated paddle, combining durability, design and value.

An excellent all-around paddle for wilderness tripping.

Offers the benefits of a full carbon unit but at a fraction of the price.



Northern Light from Grey Owl Paddles

Price: $165

The lightest traditional paddle available from Grey Owl.

Perfect for easy cruising and experienced style paddlers.

Suitable for solo and tandem deep-water paddling (minimum two to two-and-a-half feet).

Bent Shaft Ranger X from Sawyer Paddles

Price: $165 

The Ranger X is a heavy-duty expedition and whitewater canoe paddle featuring a modern teardrop blade profile and an 11-degree blade offset intended for long trips and heavy use.

This tough paddle has a dual tapered Douglas fir wood shaft reinforced with carbon fiber and fiberglass X-Weave durability.

Delivers real power to the carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforced Ponderosa pine blade.

Pathfinder from Grey Owl Paddles


Price: $90

An upscale version of Grey Owl’s Voyageur paddle with a new blade shape and fabulous grip design.

An excellent all-around paddle for wilderness tripping.

Touring from Grey Owl Paddles

Price: $100

A tough, durable paddle for those who like to cruise the wilderness.

Also available in a six-degree bent shaft for those who want to combine the efficiency of an offset blade with the style of a straight shaft.



Guide from Grey Owl Paddles

Price: $76

The Guide is a rugged and inexpensive tripping paddle for bow, stern or solo use.

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