Water Sports Foundation Encourages Retailers to Remind Customers about Life Jacket Use

The Water Sports Foundation, a U.S. Coast Guard non-profit boating safety grant recipient just released a new video featuring Paddling Business’ publisher Scott MacGregor. Recorded with a local retail shop background, MacGregor presents the Coast Guard’s message encouraging retailers to be vigilant about safety subjects when communicating with paddlers.

In 2020, 202 people died while paddling and most of these incidents were preventable. Basic paddler education remains as the most important subject, but also life jacket wear and knowing your limits and the limits of your vessel remain as critically important elements to a safe paddling excursion.

Jim Emmons, Nonprofit Grant Director for the Water Sports Foundation said, “Too many paddlers are senselessly dying while enjoying this great past time. Retailers are trusted sources and as such, they can have a huge impact on the paddling public’s attitudes towards paddling safety.

Our goal is to educate retailers — selling kayaks and canoes — to become more vigilant about sharing basic safety recommendations to their customers. We are encouraging all retailers to include a safety discussion during every consumer engagement.”

The Water Sports Foundation, a non-profit grant recipient since 2011 and has been creating and delivering consumer paddle safety messages for five years. The most recent U.S. Coast Guard grant awards include funding for a project called Retailer Targeted Paddling Safety Awareness.

This project intends to make retailers more aware of basic safety such as taking a paddler education course, increasing life jacket wear, understanding the dangers of cold water immersion, knowing your limits, being aware of changing weather conditions, filing a float plan, and avoiding impairment while paddling.

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  1. The Illinois Paddling council has long urged big retailers to inform buyers about the wearing of PFDs and has urged retailers to include a printout to that effect.


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