Denver, CO: The Big Gear Show announced today that it will hold its next show June 8-11, 2023, in Denver, Colorado, at the Colorado Convention Center. The show will co-locate with its sister e-bike show: (e)revolution. The Big Gear Show and (e)revolution represent a new era of industry events called B2B2C, or “business to business to consumer,” and will consist of two industry days and two consumer days.

Since its inception, The Big Gear Show has redefined what outdoor industry events should look like. Building on its unique multi-category format, the show is expanding to a more inclusive platform welcoming consumers into the mix. In addition to showcasing outdoor, cycling, climbing, paddlesports and camping gear, The Big Gear Show will add relevant categories like overland, trail running, and gear that you wear, like functional and technical footwear and apparel.

“Our ethos has always been to embrace both retailers and consumers and we feel like now is the time to bring our industry to where the people are,” said Kenji Haroutunian, show director, adding, “When we first announced The Big Gear Show in 2020, we envisioned it taking place inside an accessible center city location, designed to incorporate product demonstrations as well as consumer engagement. Now our original vision is realized.”

In welcoming The Big Gear Show, Governor Jared Polis said, “Colorado’s outdoor recreation opportunities are not only a lot of fun, but the outdoor industry is a big part of our thriving economy, creating good-paying jobs, supporting our small businesses across the state, and connecting people to our world-class outdoors. As a business person, I am excited about the opportunity that The Big Gear Show presents for our entrepreneurs and for our state to expand and showcase our inclusive and booming outdoor recreation industry and products.”

The show’s move to Denver provides exhibitors with access to over three million people and one of the most active outdoor populations in the country. By co-locating with (e)revolution, The Big Gear Show will attract new and more diverse participants to learn about the innovative gear promoting active outdoor recreation. Moreover, 80 percent of Colorado’s population lives within 100 miles of downtown Denver, creating a hive of activity all focused on healthy and responsible recreation outdoors.

View of convention centre in Denver
Photo: Scott Dressel-Martin // VisitDenver

Haroutunian noted, “We recognize early June is a busy time for the industry. But we feel there is no better time than June to gather the industry and kick off the outdoor industry’s summer recreation season.”

The Big Gear Show continues its promise of discovery in an exciting new format, providing opportunities for retail buyers in finding new resources with the added benefit of the show occurring at the start of the peak summer buying season. The show remains committed to being retailer-centric with first-look opportunities at next year’s gear, continuation of the retailer travel subsidy program, and retailer-focused education programming. Zones dedicated to product demonstration and testing are integrated into the show itself, letting attendees get hands-on experience with new products.

(e)revolution Show Director Lance Camisasca stated, “E-bikes are the fastest-growing segment in the entire active outdoor lifestyle industry. With the surging popularity in e-bikes and the increase in cross-merchandising of e-bikes in more traditional outdoor stores, the co-location of The Big Gear Show with (e)revolution makes all the sense in the world. It exponentially increases the potential for discovery by retailers, the media and consumers.”

Additionally, Camisasca noted, “The Big Gear Show will remain popular for all bike and accessory brands that wish to show their products to the growing number of outdoor retail stores with strong interests in cycling and crossover products”

“Colorado is excited to host The Big Gear Show and its forward-looking concept of an inclusive industry gathering of consumers and retailers,” said Outdoor Recreation Industry Office Director Conor Hall. “Events like The Big Gear Show and (e)revolution are important components in our push to ensure Colorado is a national leader in outdoor recreation and remains the gathering place of the industry where brands, retailers and consumers come together to learn, network and celebrate the great outdoors.”

Exhibitors can begin booking exhibit space starting now, with early bird pricing available through December 15, 2022. Retailers and media registration will also be available, with consumer registration open in early 2023.

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About The Big Gear Show

The Big Gear Show is redefining what an outdoor industry trade show should be. By embracing a wide range of outdoor recreation activities, this new B2B2C experiential model prioritizes meeting the needs of specialty retailers and their customers. The Big Gear Show features the gear that gets people outdoors, amplifying the stories of innovation and access for a new outdoor consumer base. Now in its third year, the event will not only gather professionals from the top outdoor recreation specialty retailers, brands and media, but will also be the first of its kind to invite consumers to attend.

About (e)revolution

(e)revolution is the world’s first B2B2C e-bike expo focused solely on the needs of e-bike brands, dealers, suppliers and consumers. A four-day event that provides brands and suppliers opportunities to engage directly with e-bike retailers and cyclists, providing education, demonstrations, and industry networking and social events. The show takes place in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center in June 2023.

About Lost Paddle Events

Lost Paddle Events is the leader in retailer and consumer-focused trade shows. Led by a team of industry trade show experts across multiple outdoor recreation categories, Lost Paddle Events produces outdoor-focused events across a range of outdoor recreation categories. Its events include the premiere multi-category trade show, The Big Gear Show; the first of its kind e-bike trade show, (e)revolution; and consumer-centric sports shows, including the Saltwater Fishing Expo, Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Expo, and World Fishing & Outdoor Expo.



  1. Very curious about consumers coming to what used to be a “trade” show. It sounds like the competitive advantage we have over bigboxazons as specialty retailers gets thrown out the window when consumers can come and make purchases off the floor.
    June?? Clearly leaning towards the Denver consumer when consumers should be coming to our shops at exactly that timeframe. You just made Florida in September look very appealing.

  2. Understand the trepidation Bill. We are only supporting selling through local/region retailers, not DTC. Nobody attending the e-bike trade show expects cash &carry, and we’ll need to set that expectation among consumers attending BGS. Our team is made is specialty retailers and we are mindful of the plight of specialty shops. There is zero desire to flood a local market with discount goods or products not flowing through specialty shops. We’re also creating an easy pathway for retailers to be part of the environment during the consumer show days. This model is not something the industries of outdoor have ever seen… hit me up at [email protected] if you have questions/suggestions/ideas to share.


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