Fresh Look: New MTI Adventure Wear PFDs

MTI believes that lifejackets should be more affordable, so they have introduced a lot of great new products for 2018 that come in at a lower price point. First there is an inflatable belt pack, the 16g. It comes in at only 16-grams (hence the name) and has two different print styles.

They also redesigned the already-excellent Solaris PFD to give you more room to carry your extra gear. The front two pockets are expanded so you have tons of room. They also added a cell-phone pocket, because no one wants to leave their phone in the car.

MTI has also redesigned their entire fishing line of PFDs. They have taken the guesswork out of picking and choosing features. The Calcutta and Solaris FSPEC PFDs have drop down pockets, and tons of attachment points to tie down your small items.

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