Montreal’s Biggest Whitewater Event On The St. Lawrence Recap

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Kayakers race in the boater cross event during the 2016 Montreal Eau Vive whitewater event.


Screen Capture: Montreal Eau Vive

Claire O’Hara and Bren Orton topped the leaderboards at the 2016 Montreal Eau Vive whitewater event held in downtown Montreal on the St. Lawrence River. With jetboat starting lines for the boater-cross and jetski tows for any of the three waves to throw down tricks, this event is growing in popularity and bringing awareness to the unique and constant water features so close to but yet so far away from the city core. Hosted by the Montreal Kayak School, watch for this event to grow in popularity in the coming years. 

For more videos from past Montreal Eau Vive events watch here.

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