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The Neptune Rangers Are Gnarly In A Timeless Way

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If there is one thing groups like the Neptune Rangers have shown us, it’s that the image of sea kayaking isn’t just paddling bays in your ball cap watching birds and marine mammals. The Neptune Rangers, born of the lineage of sea kayak rock gardening groups such as the Tsunami Rangers, have spent a solid decade posting their exploits to YouTube.

The result, is a classic treasure trove of timelessly gnarly videos serving as inspiration for the kind of playground the whitewater of the sea can be. Not to mention plenty of cringe-inducing beatdowns.

Here are five classics from the Neptune Rangers:

1. Insane Fun in Mendocino

The Northern California coast of Mendocino is a rock gardening heaven. In Bill Vonnegut’s summary he mentions he wasn’t planning to bring the camera this day. Fortunately for us he did. Insane Fun In Mendocino features one of the biggest coastal drops we’ve seen.

2. Trapped Inside at Devil’s Slide

When the swell period increases from 12 to 21 seconds, the Neptune Rangers are in for some serious swell. Half Moon Bay is home to the notorious big wave surfing break Mavericks, so there is plenty of power to the ocean in these parts. The Neptune Rangers get a slice of unpredicted outside sets in Trapped Inside at Devil’s Slide.

3. Om Mani Padme OMG!

A compilation of slot moves, drops, and carnage. Om Mani Padme OMG! is a compilation of greatest hits from the goods off Mendocino and Big Sur.

4. Bad Reputation

What does a typical day of riding with the Neptune Rangers look like? Bad Reputation captures the disorderly fun of the paddling crew.

5. IDH – Rocking The Ages

Plenty of action, and a bit of ecology studies thrown in the mix. The only question is whether the disturbance is happening at an intermediate or frequent rate in the Neptune Ranger’s IDH- Rocking The Ages.


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