An Inside Look At The Rigors Of Guide School (Video)

Join a crew of aspiring river guides as they embark on a renowned nine-day course

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What does it take to become a river guide for one of the largest whitewater outfitters in North America? In “Guide School,” OARS pulls back the veil on their rigorous nine-day California Whitewater Rafting Guide School on the American River in a five-part series.

The series shares the learning experience of students as well as profiles their instructors, with the hope of illuminating the allure of becoming a guide. One of the most notable being the bonds built between fellow guides, which can become one of our strongest connections to the river.

For veteran guides, the OARS series is a walk down memory lane to those formative days. And for those looking to go down the guiding path, “Guide School” provides a sneak peek at what makes training one of the most unforgettable experiences in your paddling career.


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