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When Remi Anri Doi, a member of the Japanese national handball team, posted a video to TikTok earlier in October of himself kayaking while holding a 360-camera in his teeth the views soared. The lens of the Insta360 X3 produces a warped, fish-eye like perspective. The result of Doi’s inward looking video angle? An entertaining, unreal-looking character that’s hard to resist replaying.

How A TikTok Trend Influenced A 360-Camera Kayak Video

It turns out, Doi’s point of view is part of an ongoing TikTok trend, one using 360-cameras to create videos striking a resemblance to the characters of an animated TV series, Attack On Titan. Fans of the show, either by accident or inspiration, noticed a 360-camera held in your mouth while moving at a fast pace mimicked the animated characters on the show.

Thanks to Doi, the Attack On Titan trend has now found its way to paddling. Doi has a knack for making some entertaining videos. We have to say, although the intention of the kayaking video is humor, the athlete’s paddling cadence is looking quite strong.


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