Kayakers Rescue Pilot From Ice Covered Creek (Video)

Three kayakers in Maryland pulled a pilot from a plane as it sank below the ice of Beards Creek

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When residents along Beards Creek in Maryland witnessed a single-engine plane crash into the icy waters, a father-son duo quickly jumped into action. John Gelinne and John Gelinne Jr., grabbed a pair of kayaks and made their way across the ice to rescue the pilot, as reported in these videos from the Associated Press and NBC News.

Beards Creek had frozen over with solid ice, and in order to reach the pilot the Gelinne’s used shovels to push their way out. The father and son were soon joined by a local law enforcement officer in a third kayak. The law enforcement officer can be seen in the Associated Press video using screwdrivers to claw their way out to the plane.

The kayakers were able to pull the pilot out of the small aircraft before it sank into Beards Creek. Soon after, a rescue boat was able to assist and get the pilot and paddlers safely to shore.


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