Way-Too-Close Encounter With Orca (Video)

Curious orca wows paddleboarder

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Yikes! This clip was captured and submitted to the GoPro Awards by Lukas Reilly after his close encounter with an orca.

Reilly told ABC News: He was paddling off Kuaotunu Beach in New Zealand when a few orcas began diving for stingrays underneath his board. Reilly, a 27-year-old restaurant owner, told 3News he had a GoPro camera in his pocket and pulled it out to capture the moment that one of the orcas came over to check out his board.

“I was a bit nervous thinking, ‘What’s this guy going to do?,’” Reilly said. “Then he slowly crept up and grabbed the back of my board and I yelled, ‘What are you doing!'”

Reilly told another local news station, TVNZ, that the orca “had a chew” on his board but described the close-up with the orca as a “friendly encounter.”

“It was quite freaky but so amazing at the same time,” Reilly told TVNZ.

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