The Kayak Storage Solution For Any Backyard (Video)

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Who says you don’t have room for a few more kayaks? Property square footage comes at a premium these days, and that means you might have to get creative with stowing your boats. So let’s be problem solvers here. In this video, backcountry professional Wayne Jennings shows us a kayak storage solution for any fenced backyard.

A Quick And Cheap Backyard Storage Solution For Your Kayak

We often jump to the idea of building a rack for our kayaks. Though wood is costly, and for many of us finding the appropriate space to put a kayak rack may be tough.

Backyard kayak storage solution
Feature Image: Wayne Jennings/YouTube

Wayne Jennings of Explore The Backcountry, has an interesting and relatively cheap solution to backyard kayak storage. The fence posts, already anchored in the ground, may make a great option with minimal footprint when paired with a set of cam straps.

In Jennings’ video, he instructs how you can put together this fence storage system on your own. The parts and tools are relatively straightforward. A set of cam straps with hooks on the end. And some D-rings to anchor to the posts.

Image: Wayne Jennings/YouTube

You have to do what you have to do for storage, but keep in mind this system has its drawbacks. The cam straps could start to groove the plastic from the weight of hanging. Also, UV from the sun slowly deteriorates the plastic of your kayak. So it would be best practice to construct this backyard kayak storage solution out of direct sunlight.

One of the nicest aspects of Jennings’ backyard kayak storage solution, besides the simplicity, is that the boats lay on their edge. This minimizes how far they stick out in the yard. The setup works well for sit-on-tops with a lower profile. And also for decked kayaks. Jennings’ system gives us a place to organize our kayaks on low-cost budget, and we’ll call that a win any day.

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