Meet The Adventurous 12-Year-Old Who Kayaks To School (Video)

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This past summer, various school districts in Colorado struggled with major bus driver shortages. Students were left wondering whether or not their school bus would even show up, let alone if there would be vacant seats.

One 12-year-old Summit County boy was filled with the urge to come up with a plan B. He asked his father if he could paddle the approximate 3-mile distance across the lake and reach his school by kayak.

His father agreed, provided adequate safety measures were in place. Here’s how he got on.

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  1. How scary to watch. The boy is totally unprepared for trouble. He’s wearing jeans! His life vest is a joke. Why would you share such a story? The dad would be watching helplessly from a hill as his son capsizes.

  2. Great adventure for the young man but the father should make sure the PFD is put on correctly and that the young man knew how to put it on correctly. The strap was not wrapped around the waist. If the young man would have entered the water the PFD would have slipped off his head.


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