How To Land A Cobra Flip (Video)

One of the world's best whitewater kayakers shares tips on how to get the "Cobra Flip" trick dialed

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If you’re a whitewater kayaker and have not yet uttered Aniol Serrasolses’ name (yes, mispronunciations are allowed), well, we suspect you’re not really a whitewater kayaker.

The Spanish sender has made quite the name for himself in recent years, from landing the world’s first double kick-flip, to kayaking on snow at 100 km/h, to paddling off previously un-run waterfalls in Iceland.

But perhaps his most noteworthy achievement in recent years has been to coin the trick everyone’s talking about: the “Cobra Flip”.

Aniol Serrasolses is mid-cobra-flip off the lip of a tall waterfall
Before trying to throw the trick from a lip of a waterfall, Serrasolses suggests trying out the move on smaller features – such as peaking waves – to start with. Photo: Aniol Serrasolses | Youtube

The move itself involves a barrel roll off the lip of a waterfall, spinning a complete 360 along the axis of the kayak before landing upright in the pool below.

In this instructional video, Serrasolses strips the move back to basics. He breaks down the steps involved in landing a Cobra Flip, while also offering some advice you may be surprised to hear.

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