Kayaking On Snow At 100 KM/H (Video)

Wow. We’re going to need a minute.

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After the internet success of Red Bull’s previous “snowyaking” video of kayak racers tearing down snow (in such organized disorder that it rivaled Brits chasing a cheese wheel down a steep embankment), it’s no surprise that this latest snow stunt is an instant hit among viewers.

Spanish pro kayaker, Aniol Serrasolses, is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in a whitewater kayak, and his latest feat is no different. In this Red Bull stunt, we see Aniol descend more than 25 kilometers through Chile’s snow-capped mountains in the Araucanía region, into gladed forests and—finally—landing in some pretty spectacular whitewater rapids below.

Just as we struggle to watch one of our favorite athletes being thrown 10-15 feet in the air at a time, it seems Aniol himself also needed a moment or two to compose himself before getting back in the saddle. At 1:05, he takes a few deep breaths before the epic ride recommences.

While we mere mortals practice dialing in our water-based kickflip, we watch in awe as Aniol effortlessly kickflips through the air… without water. If that wasn’t enough, we then see him land the world’s first double kickflip off a waterfall. Again, we’re going to need a minute.

This past year and the ongoing pandemic has posed some unique challenges for whitewater athletes around the world—from the inability to travel, to the postponement of major competitions. Despite the circumstances, we are thrilled to see that Aniol is still finding new, innovative ways to elevate the sport and inspire us.

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  1. “Inspire”? Sorry, no. This guy is obviously a world class kayaker, but clearly not in control on the snow. My conclusion: drinking (or just getting paid by) Red Bull makes you stupid. Red Bull is disgusting for encouraging this kind of stuff.


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