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Wavestorm is one of the many small manufacturers of standup paddleboards with sporadic distribution in North America. Its models of standup paddleboards were common when they were sold at Costco big box stores. However, Wavestorm has shifted focus to concentrate on their range of surfboards, so distribution of Wavestorm paddleboards is now limited to the used market and occasional availability of certain models on Amazon.

That’s a shame, because Wavestorm made good-quality, value-priced paddleboards for all around use, making them a great choice for beginners.

Wavestorm paddleboards included several mid-length, all-around SUPs that worked well for recreational paddling and easy surf. For example, a popular 10.5-foot hybrid board once sold at Costco could be used for sit-down kayak paddling or standup paddling with a single blade, providing great versatility and appealing to a range of users.

This article will provide an overview of the Wavestorm paddleboard lineup to help you decide if these SUPs are right for you.

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The links in this section will take you to our comprehensive Paddling Buyer’s Guide, where you can sort through and examine all the best Wavestorm paddleboards, including reviews and ratings.

You can choose to filter Wavestorm paddleboards by type and application, such as expedition, youth and hybrid SUP/kayaks. Then, click on specific models to see specs, prices and reviews, with the opportunity to compare to other similar paddleboards from different brands. You simply will not find a better SUP buyer’s guide resource on the web.

Shopping for a used Wavestorm paddleboard?

Shopping for a used Wavestorm paddleboard may be your best bet if you’re set on this brand, since production of new boards has ended and distribution of any remaining stock is limited on Amazon. The search may be worthwhile. Wavestorm paddleboards were inspired by the brand’s solid lineup of soft top and epoxy/fiberglass surfboards.

Its paddleboards feature soft, grippy top covers and durable polyethylene bottoms, sandwiching a polystyrene foam core that yields a lightweight and stiff board. Wavestorm was noted for its high-quality construction and solid all-around performance—at good prices that were within the budget of beginners.

Buying used offers the benefit of trying before you buy—something that wasn’t possible with new Wavestorm paddleboards sold at Costco and on Amazon. You might find great deals on used Wavestorm paddleboards on buy-and-sell websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Think you’ve found a contender? Here are some tips for making a good used Wavestorm SUP purchase:

  • Wavestorm paddleboards include all-around, touring and surf models. Buy the right type of used SUP for your paddling preferences by researching the particular Wavestorm paddleboard model in advance to determine whether or not it truly meets your needs.
  • Give the used Wavestorm paddleboard a once-over, looking for damage to the hull (bottom) and deck. With soft-top models look for gouges in the deck and areas of delamination, where the outer polyethylene skin of the board is peeling off the inner layers of polystyrene foam. Check the hull for dings, gouges and deep scratches. Some damage is okay, but beware of deeper impacts that expose the inner core of the board, which can lead to water damage.
  • Try to determine how the paddleboard was stored. A SUP that was stored outdoors in the sun is subject to damaging UV radiation, which weakens the board’s structure. Fading is a good indicator of UV damage.
  • Taking the SUP for a test paddle is the best way to find out whether the Wavestorm paddleboard model works for you in terms of performance, handling and comfort. Be sure to try it in conditions similar to those you anticipate paddling in.

For more tips on what to look for when selecting a used kayak, read our article How To Buy A Used Paddleboard.

Wavestorm paddleboard buying guide

While Wavestorm divided its SUP models in various categories, all could be essentially lumped in the “all-around” classification. It produced jack-of-all-trades paddleboards at great prices, often sold in pairs (with paddles) at Amazon.

Wavestorm’s most popular paddleboard is a 9.5-foot general-purpose board with a comfortable soft top. Nicknamed the “SUPyak”, this hybrid SUP is rigged for standup paddling and sit-down kayaking. It’s suitable for easy surf and casual paddling, with excellent stability for beginners.

If you’re shopping in the used market you may come across a Wavestorm 10.5-foot paddleboard, which was sold at Costco. This is another hybrid SUP that’s extremely versatile and fun to use at the cottage or beach. At 10.5 feet, this board has better glide than shorter models. Configured for use with a kayak paddle it skims across the water and feels more nimble than most sit-inside recreational kayaks.

Wavestorm paddleboards may be discontinued, but you’ll find plenty of other brands of SUPs on Amazon. However, the quality of SUPs on Amazon varies considerably and there’s no option to try before you buy.

If you’re looking for something that offers higher performance, you’re best to tap into the advice of paddlesports sales staff at a dedicated surf or paddling shop. Here are the answers to some common Internet search phrases related to Wavestorm paddleboards.

  • Are Wavestorm paddleboards any good?

    Wavestorm paddleboards are a good entry-level option for beginners who wish to try standup paddleboarding with decent-quality equipment. Wavestorm’s heritage is in surf, and the brand employed a lot of its soft top technology for SUPs that were light, comfortable, stable and easy to paddle–with good performance and durability. It’s a shame Wavestorm paddleboards are no longer readily available since the brand discontinued production.

  • Wavestorm paddleboard dimensions

    A couple of the more popular Wavestorm paddleboard dimensions included a 9.5-foot board with a width of 33 inches as well as a 10.5-foot hybrid SUP for standup paddling or kayaking with a maximum width of about 34 inches. The larger 10.5-foot Wavestorm paddleboard is also thicker (5.6 inches) for a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

  • Wavestorm paddleboard price

    When they were readily available at Costco and Amazon, Wavestorm paddleboards came at a great price, often under $500 US for a decent-quality SUP that was perfect for beginners. Today’s price of Wavestorm paddleboards on the used market is often about half the price of new.

Wavestorm paddleboard reviews

Paddling Magazine is your best online resource for Wavestorm paddleboard reviews. Find insight on performance and features, as well as guidance on where a board is best paddled and by whom.

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