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Are you looking for canoe reviews? You’ve come to the right place! This article contains all the canoe reviews the Paddling Magazine editorial team has compiled. You’ll find canoe reviews by type, including detailed critiques of the best (and worst) canoes; canoe reviews by size; canoe reviews by store; and canoe reviews by brand.

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Canoe reviews by type

Canoes are divided into types, which are defined by how you paddle, where you paddle, the weight of the canoe, any specialized design features (such as motor mounts), and your experience level. The best way to start your search for the perfect canoe is to search by type. We’ve organized our reviews by canoe type, ranging from broad categories such as Touring and Recreational to specialized uses like foldable canoes and square-back canoes. This will allow you to narrow down the best canoe for you.

You’ll find additional types of canoes you may not have considered, such as inflatable canoes, fishing canoes and four-person canoes (for the whole family). We’ve also parsed out canoe reviews for some of the most popular designs, including reviews of Prospector canoes and Canadian canoes (a British term used to distinguish open-decked canoes from kayaks).

Solo canoe reviews

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