Finally Dagger has released a real freestyle boat for people with long legs and big feet. The Dagger Super Ego is big for me at 6’1” in height, with loads of knee room and a comfortable foot box. The slight bumps at the feet are effective and don’t hamper performance in any way.

Dagger Super Ego Specs
Length: 7’6”
Width: 24.5”
Cockpit: 34” × 19”
Volume: 51 U.S. gal
Weight Range: 140-220 lbs
MSRP: $1,520 CAD

Dagger’s Super Ego is super supportive

The Precision Adjustable thighbraces and seat makes fine tuning and overall balance easy. The boat comes with tons of foam and a clever Thigh Booster that can be easily contoured or built up to provide leg support. An Immersion Research ratcheting backband completes the outfitting to ensure a snug, yet adjustable fit.

The Super Ego spins like a top

The volume in the Super Ego is more evenly distributed than some of Dagger’s other freestyle boats, which makes it more predictable while back surging or flatwater flailing. The super slicey nose ramps up quickly to knee volume creating comfort but also a big surface to vertical stall on. The stern, although shaped differently, offers the same slice and stall characteristics.

Stern squirting and flatwater cartwheels are easy, even with the relatively big volume. Very stable on end, especially the stern. On a wave this thing rocks. I found it easier to continue flat spinning rather than trying to stop it. Once the hull cuts loose it literally lifts off the water and skips through the spin. Beyond the original flick to get it going, it takes no effort to keep it spinning. Insane. Besides comfort, the hull is the second greatest selling point.

Keep your nose up

Being the shortest boat I’ve paddled, I found flat water/straight line speed slow. However, the Dagger Super Ego has no problem catching waves, as it accelerates to plane very quickly. Things seem to happen fast, as the short length allows change in direction so quickly. Paddling boily water the boat goes nowhere, and doesn’t provide much charge across strong eddy lines. It seemed easier to boof across eddy lines, to keep the nose up and water off the minimal deck.

Catch a wave with the Dagger Super Ego

Overall, the Dagger Super Ego freestyle kayak is the most exciting new design on the market. For those of us on the lankier side it offers comfort, wicked spinning and super slicey freestyle fun.

This article was first published in the Early Summer 2001 issue of Rapid Magazine. Subscribe to Paddling Magazine’s print and digital editions, or browse the archives.


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