Jackson Kayak Specs
Star / All-Star / Super-Star
Length: 5’8” / 6’0” / 6’4”
Width: 24.5” / 28” / 32.5”
Volume: 44 / 52 / 60 U.S. gal
Cockpit Size: 19” × 32.5” / 20.25” × 34.5” / 21” × 36”
Weight Range: 100-130 / 140-170 / 170-210 lbs
MSRP: $995 USD / $1,295 CAD

The Jackson Kayak All-Star, with designer Eric Jackson inside, won the 2005 freestyle world championships. Its balanced ends and light weight make for lightning-fast moves. Great freestyle boats provide amplitude in aerial moves and speed and carving on waves, and the All-Star delivers on both accounts. The hull and deck come together for the best of both wave and hole moves.

Feel like an All-Star

When you really feel like a going for a wild ride, paddle the Jackson Kayak All-Star (or one of the other two sizes that fit you—the Star and Super-Star).

We received feedback like this:

“This boat makes me squeal.
On a big wave the All-Star is crazy.”

“It was like getting double-bounced on a trampoline… you know it’s going to happen but you don’t know when, or how high.”

“I screamed the entire ride. I accomplished nothing and just held on for dear life. I loved it.”

Get the picture?

No matter how far forward we moved the seat, the All-Star’s bow bounced all over the wave. “When I threw a move it was because I thought, ‘Hey I’m in the air, I should try hucking something.’” Perfect maybe for the air junkies, unnerving for the control freaks.

Sit back and relax between runs

When you’re not feeling loopy (which it also does really well) the Jackson Kayak All-Star is quite happy letting intermediates float around the river on its super-wide hull. The bow rides just above water level, just like the ZG, so pearling isn’t a problem.

Inside, the Jackson outfitting is noticeably less swanky than the other, comparatively posh, setups. Once you’re out on the water and past the lacklustre showroom appeal you realize the outfitting—including the cheesy-looking backband on a rope—does work, and keeps the overall weight low.

All-Star pros and cons

PROS: Bow bounces all over the place. Otherwise stable, predictable and forgiving.

CONS: Bow bounces all over the place. Unsophisticated outfitting.



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