Video: How To Start Your Own Paddling Program

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How Can You Start Your Own Paddling Program?

Have you been hungry to start a local canoe or kayak program? New president of the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA), Dale Radin, has built the perfect tool to get your dream off the ground.

A lot of organizations want to start their own paddling programs but don’t know how to find instructors, boats and all the other odds and ends that a paddling program needs. For instance, if you are an Ontario Camps Association member and just started a new camp but haven’t gotten your paddling programs off the ground ORCKA can come in to point you in the right direction and answer all of your questions.

The key to a successful paddling program is having qualified instructors to conduct fun and safe classes. ORCKA’s plan is to give you concrete guidelines and excellent instructors so your program will get off the ground in way that is self sustaining. The ORCKA instructors will train your staff to effectively run the programs long after the initial launch.

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