Video: The Canoe Film Has Been Released

Last week, we shared the strikingly gorgeous trailer for The Canoe. This week, we get to share the entire film.

Goh Iromoto, the filmmaker known for The Path of Grey Owl, and We Belong To Itnow brings us a spectacular nod to our nation’s most treasured watercraft and the people who are connected to their country and one another by it. 

The Canoe may have been filmed in Ontario, but the stories echo across the entire country as a whole.

Canada’s heirloom has truly connected our nation’s people, from those who have recently moved Canada, to those who have called it their home for centuries.


THE CANOE is an award-winning film that tells the story of Canada’s connection to water and how paddling in Ontario is enriching the lives of those who paddle there. #PaddleON.


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