11 Best Kayak Gifts For Dad This Father’s Day

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Dads can be hard to shop for, but if you have one who is happiest on the water with his two blades your gift search this year is going to be easy. Celebrate your kayaking dad and make his paddling season the best ever with our selection of kayak gifts and essential gear for Father’s Day.


Kayak paddle: Aqua-Bound Whiskey

Bent shaft kayak paddle

If your dad is fueling his kayak adventures with a paddle that isn’t in great shape, buy him an upgrade that’ll be sure to impress. The Whiskey from Aqua-Bound is a high-angle paddle kayakers dream about, offering unmatched horsepower and torque with minimal effort. Add in the natural bent shaft and you leave fatigue in the rearview mirror. Now available in the Green Tide pattern, the three blade options are sure to make a real statement on the water. Hand-built in Osceola, Wisconsin.

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PFD: Salus Eddy-Air

Black PFD

No matter what kind of paddling your dad likes, having a safe and good quality PFD is a must. The Eddy-Air from Salus has all the great features of the Eddy-Flex with a few added touches. Both PFDs are highly breathable and adjustable, allowing Dad to keep comfortable on the water. With the Eddy-Air though, he’ll get two large zippered pockets for all the gear he likes to keep close at hand. As well, the high-back mesh design fits beautifully with most high-back seats—an added touch for comfort.

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Shoes: NRS Men’s Paddle Wetshoes

Neoprene bootie

Having warm, happy feet snuggled into high-quality wetshoes is a serious luxury while kayaking. The Men’s Paddle Wetshoes from NRS are highly versatile, with size zipper entry that makes them easy to put on over bare feet, wetsocks or drysuit socks. Made from 3-mm Terraprene™ neoprene with heat-reflecting titanium adhesives, these shoes will keep Dad’s feet toasty warm when the water is chilly. He’ll also enjoy all-day comfort thanks to the roomy, naturally shaped toebox and extra padding over the outside ankle to protect that pressure point inside his boat.

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Drysuit: Mustang Survival Hudson Drysuit

Front and back of black and green drysuit

If you live in a cold water location or your dad just can’t put down the paddle come winter, the Hudson Drysuit from Mustang Survival will completely change his kayaking experience, making him more comfortable and far safer. This drysuit has waist entry and a front zipper for easy entry and exit. Highly durable, it has a reinforced seat and knees, in addition to an adjustable neck seal for quick one-handed watertight closure. Dad will be totally comfortable thanks to the internal suspenders that balance suit weight.

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Storage system: Suspenz Deluxe 2-Boat Rack

Yellow rack with straps for two kayaks

Help your dad show his kayak some love or just keep the garage uncluttered with a specialized kayak storage system. The Deluxe 2-Boat Rack from Suspenz suspends boats on heavy-duty, UV-resistant straps so there are no pressure points. This rack is fully adjustable, making it the perfect fit for any kayak. Is your Dad known for being a bit of a boat collector? This rack can also expand to hold up to six boats as his needs change.


Kayak cart: Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Kayak cart

A cart for hauling his kayak from point A to B is a great gift for Dad, allowing him to spend more time on the water and less dealing with transportation logistics. The Heavy Duty Kayak Cart from Wilderness Systems will more than get the job done, able to handle loads up to 450 pounds. The large, 12-inch-diameter airless wheels never go flat and roll over rough terrain or sand smoothly. Best of all, the cart is collapsible and can be stored within large kayak hatches.

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Emergency communication device: Globalstar SPOT X

Orange and black satellite communication device

Want to help your dad stay safe or in touch on his kayak touring trip? The SPOT X from Globalstar provides two-way satellite messaging when Dad is beyond cellular coverage. He’ll simply connect the device to his smartphone using Bluetooth technology through the SPOT X app and can then access his contacts and communicate easily with family, friends or Search & Rescue services.

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Waterproof bag: Skog Å Kust SandSåk 2-in-1 Anchor & Dry Bag

Green drybag with rope and buoy attached

Waterproof bags are necessary additions to a kayak trip, whether it’s a three-hour afternoon paddle or a three-week sea kayak expedition. Like the name says, the SandSåk 2-in-1 Anchor & Dry Bag from Skog Å Kust doubles as a sand anchor system in addition to being a 20 L bag to store gear in. It comes with a 12-foot-long braided floating rope, two 316 stainless steel clips and a buoy making anchoring a breeze (even when there’s a breeze). It’s available in high-visibility yellow or green.

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Paddling gloves: Kokatat Kozee Gloves

Two black, neoprene paddling gloves

Whether your Dad is a first-timer or a salty, seasoned kayaker, having paddling-specific gloves can be a luxury. These Kozee Gloves from Kokatat have 1-millimeter Smoothskin neoprene on the back and 0.5-millimeter on the palm, providing excellent flexibility and comfort on cooler days. The palm has a grippy dot design that increases durability while providing outstanding paddle grip.

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Dream paddling trip: Black Feather Pond Inlet Sea Kayaking Trip

Map of Canadian Arctic with marker on Pond Inlet

No kayak gift for Dad is better than taking him on an epic kayaking adventure. What about the Pond Inlet Sea Kayaking Trip offered by Black Feather? This trip explores the northern coast of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, near the Inuit hamlet of Pond Inlet. You’ll search the spectacular fjords and bays for pods of mystical narwhal with their distinguishing black tusk, and glimpse other sights not-oft seen.

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A subscription to Paddling Magazine

Buff, magazine cover, and magazine article

Now for a bit of self-promotion. Paddling Magazine is filled with inspiring adventure stories, insightful boat and gear reviews, and gorgeous photos that will make you want to grab your paddle and get on the water right now. Give your dad a kayak gift that will last!

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