TORONTO/STOCKHOLM – After a successful launch in the U.S.A., Melker of Sweden has been focusing on establishing on the Canadian east coast during the summer. Four new strategic retailers are now up and running.

“A very positive start in Canada and we really look forward to what’s to come”, says Pelle Stafshede, CEO & creative director of Melker of Sweden.

Person paddling Melker Rodloga sea kayak with Toronto skyline in background.
Photo: courtesy of Melker of Sweden

During the month of June, representatives from Melker of Sweden had a fruitful visit to Canada and the first kayaks have already been shipped to the newly signed retailers:

  • Boutique Pagaie Quebec, Quebec City
  • Boutique Kayak Junky, Montreal
  • Frontenac Outfitters, Kingston
  • The Complete Paddler, Toronto

“As soon as the Melker kayaks arrived in our store, all our staff fell in love with them,” says Kelly McDowell, president of The Complete Paddler. “We enjoy the way they paddle and of course the way they look, but finally having a more environmentally friendly sea kayak we can sell is something we can all get behind.”

“Frontenac Outfitters carries some of the best brands in the world. When Melker came to us with the story they represent, we thought they would be a great fit,” says Zack Fiddis, CEO and owner of Frontenac Outfitters. “Melker is pushing the boundaries on sustainability and using new materials that other manufacturers haven’t looked at.

“Innovation like this starts a new conversation about what we should expect from our manufacturers. The kayak industry has been pretty stagnant regarding new designs and materials, and we found their process very refreshing. Melker has some serious excitement behind the brand, and we want to be able to share that with our customers.”

MAn paddling Melker sea ka yak through narrow channel between island and shore.
Photo: courtesy of Melker of Sweden

Melker of Sweden has already successfully started partnerships in North America  and several more are on its way. During the fall of 2023 the plan is to connect with partners and potential retailers on the west coasts of both the U.S.A. and Canada.

“Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with dealers who share similar values and who support our mission to get more people outdoors—and make those experiences as great as possible, in a beautiful yet sustainable way,” says Pelle Stafshede.

The North American launch of the kayaks from Melker of Sweden has drawn great attention and positive reviews. The influential Ken Whiting (PaddleTV) has tested both the Rödlöga and Ulvön. You can watch his video reviews here:

About Melker of Sweden

Melker of Sweden offers sustainable, high-performance, sleek and stylish kayaks for an active and conscious lifestyle. An interplay between the environment, ethics and economy is strategically important to us—making it possible to make a difference for real. Our core values also include having a great time—making sure that we always do what we love together with friends, family and partners sharing our philosophy. Staying true to our philosophy makes it possible for us to create a successful business we are proud to run and work for.

We are in business to make a difference—having a great time doing it.


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