The Canadian Canoe Museum Invites The Community To Help Move The Collection

Goal to raise $1.5M through public fundraising campaign

T he Canadian Canoe Museum (CCM) is launching the public phase of their Inspiring Canada by Canoe Campaign and asking the community to help Move the Collection by donating to move a canoe, kayak, paddle or artifact.

A new world-class Canadian Canoe Museum cannot exist without a world-class collection. And as you can imagine, moving more than 600 watercraft and 500 paddles, along with hundreds of artifacts and an entire archival library collection to a new location is no small feat.

“There is an incredible project underway behind the scenes,” explains Curator, Jeremy Ward. “Every vessel and artifact requires detailed cleaning, documentation, stabilizing, packaging, transportation, a quarantine and inspection process and installation in the new museum. Each step is crucial to preserve this renowned collection and its many stories so it can be shared for generations to come. We need your support to make it all happen.”

Earlier this fall, The Canadian Canoe Museum announced the commencement of construction of its new museum at the Johnson Property located at 2077 Ashburnham Drive in Peterborough, ON. The new museum will enable CCM to house 100 percent of its collection in a building that meets Class A conservation standards, directly on the water, which allows for increased on-water and in-person programming while being a key cultural tourism driver in what will become a vibrant community hub on the Peterborough waterfront.

“Moving the collection is a unique opportunity for the community to join us on this journey to create a nationally recognized museum and vibrant community hub. This collection enables us to work with individuals and communities across the country, from coast to coast to coast, to share their voices, perspectives, language and cultural knowledge through the museum to a wider public audience. The community has been with us through every step of the way and we know that by reaching our goal, together we can make this final portage to the water’s edge.”

To learn more and support Move the Collection, visit

If you are interested in a behind-the-scenes look at the unique challenges and surprises of moving a collection of this size, please join Curator, Jeremy Ward for a virtual tour on November 25th at 7:00 pm. Register at

About The Canadian Canoe Museum (CCM)

With a world-class collection as a catalyst, The Canadian Canoe Museum inspires connection, curiosity and new understanding. In partnership with individuals, groups and communities – locally, provincially and nationally – we work to experience and explore all that our collection can inspire. This sees students opening their minds in our galleries; community members connecting through artisanry; people of all ages getting on the water and learning to paddle; and exhibitions and events that spark conversation and collaboration.

About the New Museum

The Canadian Canoe Museum is building a new home for its world-class collection along the water’s edge in Peterborough, ON. The new museum will be located on a five-acre site in Peterborough, ON that will provide stunning west-facing views of Little Lake, a connection to the Trans Canada Trail, and is surrounded by public parks. It will become a vibrant community space for outdoor activities and the Museum’s canoeing and outdoor programs and events.

The Canadian Canoe Museum has a unique opportunity to create a new cultural destination that will inspire visitors to learn about Canada’s collective history and reinforce our connections to land, water and one another – all through the unique lens of the iconic canoe. Learn more at


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