How To Paddle A SUP Safer: Check The Forecast

So you’re a SUP enthusiast. We get it, we are SUP enthusiasts too. But, like in the video below, it is easy to be so excited to get to the water that you forget to check the weather.

“This is Sterling. Sterling is a standup paddling enthusiast. Sterling shuns technology in favor of his intuitive connection with the natural world…

Meteorologist: ‘Thanks Jim. We have a severe weather warning in effect for today. We strongly urge all boaters to stay off the water.’

…which doesn’t always match the weather forecast, leaving Sterling unprepared for his recreational paddling experience.

For Sterling, one choice makes all the difference. Excellent choice, Sterling. Always check the forecast.”

Make sure you practice safe SUP techniques. Check the weather before you go out, and don’t be blindsided by storms.


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