Skill Video: Kayak Roll Troubleshooting

Practicing a kayak roll is an essential skill for experienced paddlers and those that may be the occasional weekend warrior. At the beginning of every paddling season it is highly recommended to spend time in varying water conditions and practice this kayaking skill. Roll troubleshooting was my first attempt at an instructional video, and it was one I was told countless times to avoid doing as this subject always seems to be up for great debate.

As instructors, I think we typically overcomplicate this skill for the student. We only have a certain capacity for information, especially when stressed, so I looked to keep our approach as simple as possible. This video proved to be ideal for those with some previous roll practice, although I have found beginners to respond just as well. (Click here for kayak rolling tips to help beginners and children.)

Chris Wing has been an instructor for as long as he has been a kayaker. He started H2o Dreams out of a desire to spur growth and reverence for paddle sports education all while providing a different spin to the presentation of familiar topics. Visit for more info.


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