Trucker’s Hitch Tie Down Technique

If you start canoe trips with a sore neck from looking up at the wiggling canoe on your roof racks and worrying that it is making a bid for freedom, then you need to learn the trucker’s hitch.

First, we need to cover some knot-tying terminology. The free end of the rope is the end we are using to tie the knot. For an overhand loop you pass the free end over itself to make a loop. And a bight is a bend in the rope so it is doubled. 

Begin by making sure you have a set of sturdy roof racks set as far apart on your roof as possible. You’ll also need two three-meter lengths of rope (avoid the braided, yellow polyproylene cheap stuff). Tie one end of the rope to the rack using a bowline (you remember: the rabbit goes up the hole, around the tree and back down the hole). Then, throw the free end of the rope over the canoe …


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