1. River Guide


This jam-packed app provides access to thousands of real-time streamflow gauges throughout the U.S., reporting flow rates and relative levels. RiverGuide can save a list of favorite rivers for quick access, provide flow forecasts and find nearby runs using your device’s GPS signal.


2. Trip Journal


One of the most sophisticated apps we’ve seen, Trip Journal includes Google Earth-integrated features like GPS route tracking, photo and video geo-tagging, trip sharing and synchronization with social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.


3. Paddling Magazine


Alright, time for a little shameless self-promotion. The Paddling Magazine app gives you access to current and 32 full back issues filled with techniques, stories, tips and more. Access Paddling’s special digital extras including bonus video and photo galleries. You can download the app by searching Paddling Magazine.


4. Mountain Buzz Whitewater Community


MountainBuzz.com is a community for western U.S. whitewater paddlers. This app allows users to access online forums and post questions, upload photos, access river beta and connect with other paddlers, all from the riverside.


5. ResQr First Air & CPR Coach


This app provides clear, step-by-step instructions for hundreds of first aid scenarios. It asks straightforward yes or no questions to provide real-time coaching through situations and provides audible proper CPR pacing and instructions. ResQr can also use your connection to locate the nearest emergency room and other services.


6. Trimable Outdoors


Trimble’s app turns your smart
phone into a full-featured GPS
 device, assisting in recording routes and navigating. Accompanying web software allows you to plan, post, track and share your trips as well as view and discuss others’ online and post trip updates to Facebook.


7. GoSkyWatch


Okay, this one’s more fun at the campsite after a day’s run. Hold your device up to the night sky and GoSkyWatch will tell you what constellations, planets and other objects you’re looking at. You can view the app in red light mode to save your night vision and search the extensive database for individual stars.


8. Canoe Slalom


If you’re stuck in the back seat on a long shuttle, pass the time with this awesome game featuring 20 original slalom courses. Use your thumbs to control your paddle, navigating your kayak through gates and around rocks in the fastest time possible.


9. Juice Defender


This app extends battery life by intelligently managing the battery-draining components of your device. Five preset modes let you balance functionality with power conservation and scheduling lets you preserve power in nighttime/peak time settings.

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