First Sea Kayak Circumnavigation In Antarctica

Press Release From Kokatat:

 ARCATA, California –This week kayakers Cristian Donoso (Chile), Roger Rovira (Catalonia) and Exequiel Lira (Chile), set out to be the first paddlers to traverse Antarctica’s South Shetland Islands by kayak. The “Antarctic Integration” expedition members plan to record the natural elements and the impact of human presence in the territory for a forth coming documentary. “Antarctic Integration” takes its name from the unique international environment of the area, where so many nations converge in a single place in peaceful collaboration, elevating Antarctica as a symbol of universal integration. Each of the paddlers in the expedition will be wearing Kokatat’s Maximus Centurion PFD and Radius dry suits with SwitchZip technology that fully separates at the waist giving the explorers the versatility of a dry suit and dry top in one.

Map of the proposed route for three sea kayakers paddling around the south shetland islands.

Facebook Message from Cristian Donoso

“In Antarctica, both the meridians and the will of different nations of the world converge in a unique peace and collaboration agreement on the planet, that elevates Antarctica as a symbol of universal integration. The expedition “Antarctic Integration” has set out to portray this utopia by photographic and audiovisual record of the activity developed by the Stations of different countries in South Shetland. This record will be made from the discreet, deep and non-invasive perspective of a kayak expedition.

To begin the expedition, on January 16, kayakers Roger Rovira, Exequiel Lira and Cristian Donoso will embark on the AP-41 “Aquiles”, transport of the Chilean Navy, to cross the Drake Sea to the South Shetland. Once there, the kayakers will begin a self-sufficient kayak trip that will integrate Snow (Cape Conway), Livingstone, Crescent, Robert, Nelson, King George (Merville Point) and other smaller islands. This is the first kayak expedition that will be undertaken in this archipelago, joining several islands. Additionally, with this expedition, Cristian Donoso is consolidated as the human who more miles has kayaked in the white continent.” This expedition is supported by the Chilean Navy, SUDA, Kokatat, Prijon, Patagonia, Engineering in Expeditions and Ecotourism of San Sebastian University, and the Geography Section of the Chilean Society of History and Geography, and Expenews.

The expedition can be followed here.


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