San Diego, CA (May 2nd, 2023) — ISLE, the original surf and SUP manufacturer out of San Diego, California, is excited to announce the creation of an entirely new inflatable watercraft category dubbed Inflatable Hardboards. The new category will debut under the PRO series collection, which will be offered in two models and five sizes of their iconic, bestselling Pioneer and Explorer models.

The PRO series, a breath of fresh air in the SUP and kayak categories, now offers consumers the best of both worlds: the performance of a rigid board with the convenience of an inflatable package. Inflatable Harboards utilize InfinityFiber, a patented, ISLE-exclusive material innovation that makes Inflatable Hardboards 200-300% more rigid than typical inflatables.

The PRO models also incorporate PowerFuse technology, a mechanically fused rail structure in the outer board circumference that decreases potential air leakage, improves maneuverability, and prolongs the board’s lifespan. The solution eliminates common pain points within the inflatable watercraft categories by drastically improving stability, glide, performance and durability.

Two women paddling sitting down on a SUP.
Photo: Courtesy of ISLE

This unique construction eliminates the commonly experienced ‘taco’ effect of inflatable boards once on the water. By increasing the stability and rigidity, users will notice greater efficiency in paddle strokes, increased glide and speed, and less ‘wobble’ when paddling in choppy water. By drastically improving these performance areas, users will appreciate spending more time on the water with friends and family without fatigue.

Jimmy Blakeney, VP of product, mentioned, “One of the most common questions we get from customers is ‘Should I get a hardboard or an inflatable?’ Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that offers the stability and performance of a traditional hardboard with the convenience and portability of inflatable watercraft. The PRO series delivers the best of both worlds, and we’re excited to see how this innovation transforms the industry in the years ahead.”

In line with ISLE’s innovative design considerations, the PRO Series encompasses intuitive, user-centric features across the PRO models and accessories. All boards will feature ISLE’s patent-pending ISLE-Link Ecosystem, a nose-to-tail connection system allowing users to customize their paddle setup to their preference. Easily attach accessories like ergonomically designed kayak seats and footrests to transition from SUP to kayak in mere minutes on the water, or strap down layers, dry packs, and paddle accessories to a preferred location with the gear management system that replaces typical bungee tie-downs.

Other features include a ‘click-and-go’ fin system for easy installation and removal, a two-part folding fin box for more compact storage, a camera mount on the front of the board, and a premium wheelie backpack for effortless transport.

All PRO models, offered in various lengths and widths for preferred stability, performance, speed, and distances on the water, will be sold in bundle options on ISLE’s website, allowing customers to create customized packages for their specific paddling style and needs.

The Pro Series will be available to purchase directly at ISLE today. To learn more, you can visit:

Pro Series Specifications:

Explorer Pro Series – offered in two models

  • MSRP: $995, $1095
  • Length: 12′, 14′
  • Weight: 23 lbs, 27 lbs
  • Capacity: 325 lbs, 375 lbs


Pioneer Pro Series – offered in three models

  • MSRP: $895, $995, $1095
  • Length: 9′ 6″, 10′ 6″, 11′ 6″
  • Weight: 20 lbs, 23 lbs, 26 lbs
  • Capacity: 195 lbs, 325 lbs, 450 lbs
Woman paddling sitting down on a SUP.
Photo: Courtesy of ISLE

About Isle

ISLE believes life is better in balance, and that creating balance can be as simple as taking your first paddle strokes or catching your first wave. Established in San Diego, California, ISLE is the original surf and SUP company manufacturing products and accessories to keep you balanced, equipped and inspired for adventures on the water.

Since its inception in 2004, the brand has expanded its watersports offerings to include variations of hardtop and inflatable paddleboards, surfboards, hybrid kayaks, paddles, bags, and accessories. Learn more at:


  1. Isle isn’t telling the truth about this material. Hala has been doing this for years, and we’re glad other people know how great a board can be with this material, but we don’t like being ignored because we dont have the advertising budget!
    Isle is pretending Hala doesn’t exist, and their press releases are factually inaccurate.
    Hala has helped develop and roll out this material (launched 2016, working on it since 2014).
    Jimmy Blakeney knows this. He even considered licensing it when he worked with Bic (we went to their factory to test the material for them), and we were helping develop the material. I met him at Surf Expo in 2016 when Hala launched this material.
    Their private equity backer bought the exclusive to the material, and Hala is the only company still allowed to use it (we were the only ones in the US using it previously).
    Here is a press release from 2016!


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