Kevin Callan’s New Winter Camping Book

From the publisher of Complete Guide to Winter Camping:

The Happy Camper is back! This time Kevin Callan is equipping campers with all they need to know about how to have fun in the great winter outdoors.

Hot Tenting, Cold Tenting and Staying Safe in the Snow

Complete Guide to Winter Camping is the only book on the market that will educate readers on both hot tenting and cold tenting. Cold tenting – without a heat source – has been long considered the only way to winter camp. But Kevin Callan says that “hot tenting”, or camping with a small stove in the tent, is a safe and fun way to camp in the winter elements. You’re careful – and you’re warm!

Complete Guide to Winter Camping covers nearly every aspect of snow and ice fun and safety. Advice on setting up shelter to choosing a sleep system and warm clothing, gives readers the knowledge to outfit themselves properly to enjoy winter. And with chapters on how to track animals, check ice thickness, operate a snowmobile and catch a fish while ice fishing, the Happy Camper ensures you’ll have a good time once you’re all bundled up!

Complete with photos and expert advise from other seasoned winter campers and explorers, this book will appeal equally to car-camping families and adventurous individuals looking to extend their outdoors activities into another season.

About the Author

Kevin Callan is the author of numerous books on enjoying the great outdoors, including the bestselling A Paddler’s Guide series and The Happy Camper. He is a featured speaker at many of North America’s largest paddling and outdoors events, and his Youtube channel features many tips, tricks and wisdom for anyone looking to enjoy time outside.


Complete Guide to Winter Camping

Author: Kevin Callan

Pub Date: November 2017

Format: Paperback

Price: $24.95

Available at


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